Strength Points


Personality and customization

Our philosophy goes beyond customized service: we believe in the importance of personal and constant interaction for continuous growth of mutual trust.
The efficient and lean organization allows us to be a solid and reliable partner both for regular supply and spot orders, working on large volumes or single items with the same care, transparency and accuracy.

Sales and technical per-and post-sales support

Staff’s expertise makes the immediate parts’ identification possible, ensure quick responses and solutions to all problems relating to the compatibility and mounting.

Fast and timely deliveries

We are aware of the importance of timeliness in our job and of the need of immediate availability of materials.
For this reasons, we have built a delivery service on two levels:
– by courier within 24 hours
– using our commercial vehicles to ensure greater flexibility in delivery times and widespread distribution

Quality and transparency

Our know-how and professional skills are at our customer’s service so we offer only materials that respond to rigid quality standards with the clear objective to guarantee a 360° value.